feel at home!


So it basically started with me doing vacation rentals for tourists in my own house, then my friend's, then a neighbor who's house was lying vacant and the story goes on!MY PASSION FOR TRAVELLING MADE IT INEVITABLE FOR ME TO PURSUE THIS!


I realized that the biggest pain point for tourists was trying to organize their trip instead of enjoying their vacation. So i started providing a CONCIERGE FACILITY to my guests. I would tell them where to go, what to do, where not to venture. The best places to eat, the right party places, what tours to go for, how to get the best deals, where to get a reliable rental car and the list goes on!

So basically if you don't want to spend your vacation on the internet and rather enjoying every moment of it by being told the top picks, JUST LET US MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A LOCAL!


Our story,vision and mission are all aligned...